Essay on The Legacy Of Abraham Lincoln

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Throughout history, there have been leaders who are considered as admirable due to positive influences over other individuals. For example, Abraham Lincoln was able to influence a large majority of people because he chose to think and behave differently from other leaders before his time. It has also been mentioned how Abraham Lincoln was compassionate and trusting, while still being tough and demanding. Leadership can be described as the process for “guiding individuals, groups, and entire organizations in establishing goals and sustaining action to support goals” (Shockley-Zalabak, 2015, p. 220). Additionally, each leader will usually have a distinctive leadership style and theory that may aid in the success of his or her business and personal endeavors.
One of the first leadership styles is known as Laissez-fair. With this particular style, leaders are known to have a hands-off approach when guiding others, and usually, they do not provide the support that may be needed. Moreover, Laissez-fair leaders allow individuals to make their own decisions without much interference or feedback. In addition to a Laissez-fair leader, there is also the transformational method of leadership. A Transformational leader can be described as a person who “persuades their subordinates to take on the organizational revolution as their own” (Rana, Malik, & Hussain, 2007, p. 163). Furthermore, transformational leaders also help to implement change in areas where it may be needed. Even though…

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