The Learning And Teaching Cycle Essay

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Context: This was a year 7 English Grammar class that took place in an Catholic Co-Ed school in the Easter suburbs of Melbourne. It was my first time teaching this class and the students already had a pervious lesson on the topic, “Pronouns”, with my mentor teacher. The learning intention was to use pronouns correctly[1], a skill identified in AusVELS [5] (Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority, 2016). The lesson took place in the transformation stage of the learning and teaching cycle and students complete extended tasks, in this case the practises on workbook, using knowledge they have learnt (Love, Baker, & Quinn, 2008).
Assessment of Intended Learning Intentions/ Objectives: The intended learning outcome was assessed by students’ ability to finish the workbook writing tasks [12] and students level of achievement varied. I observe students’ level of achievement while helping them individually when they were doing the tasks [10]. About 5 students finished the task before most of the other students, and were able to write long, meaningful paragraphs following the request of using specific types of pronouns on topics they were not familiar with [3]. These students were also able to help and teach their peers. Majority of the students were able to finish the tasks in time, but many of them had issues to use enough pronouns, as requested by the instructions, in their paragraphs. Some students also needed to be scaffolded to write on unfamiliar topics, which I did by…

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