The Leadership of Foxconn Essay

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The word of leader appeared in 1300, and the word of leadership appeared till 1834. The meaning of leadership is the ability of lead. (Charlotte,2002)
Leadership is the process of reciprocal, transactional and transformational. In the course of a person is allowed to influence, inspire others to facilitate and achieve the target of groups and individuals. Leadership traits began to focus on the leader's own leadership scientific analysis. More specifically, it seems to distinguish the leader from the society to followers. (Richard rt al.,1996:167) Theorists, scholars and practitioners often have different definitions for leadership, therefore, each have different views on the meaning of leadership. Some researchers consider
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"Democracy is the most inefficient way of work, democracy is an atmosphere, a feeling, so that we can communicate, but…, in the fast-growing company, leaders should be a little more domineering." For enterprises, discipline is more important than democracy.
This kind of leadership is between Autocratic and Paternalistic. Due to Gou's strong leadership, everything goes efficiently according to table drills of the company. Gou considered that the executive power is mainly pressure to force the company to rich the company goal. Gou also requiring employees to work even during the typhoon day. Ordinary companies only operate 24 hours per days, Hon Hai was able to operate 28 hours. By the time difference between the U.S. and Taiwan, Hon Hai works 4 more hours than others.
"Reward and punishment" is his leadership spirit. At work, once they accept the consumer’s order, they will finish the work within the time. The employee will be punished by the company if they did not submit the products in the deadline.
However, despite the military discipline, they will not stingy to distribute the commission to the employees. As the outstanding performance of the employee, it is not difficult to get share stocks at the end of assigned. (Chang, 2005)
The leadership of Gou’s management finally causes some problem. Foxconn has been involved in several controversies relating to how it manages employees in China. There were a series of suicide incidents of the

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