The Laws On Bullying And Schools Essay

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Laws on Bullying in Schools Do the laws on bullying really prevent this abuse? Bullying has an extremely negative effect on each victim’s life. Those who are continuously bullied can be pushed into violence and against themselves or others. Sometimes a victim can be pushed to the point of hurting themselves or even hurting the ones by whom he/she are bullied by. Although there are State laws and policies against bullying in Oklahoma, these laws are not proving to be affective nor are they enforced; there should be federal laws put in to place that will decrease the amount of bullying that occurs in schools. There usually are numerous different aspects of bullying. The students who bully usually have issues of their own; some bullies come from an abusive household. Some students bully students because they have insecurities and they lack confidence. Some students use bullying to make an impression on or impress other students; their cruel actions make them feel dominant and popular. Bullying is usually started by the same person, the leader, who usually has a few other students who become the bully’s accomplices (“Make Beats Not Beat Downs”). Unfortunately, the greater part of students act like an audience who laugh out loud or snicker behind the victim’s back. The students who just stand by and watch may not directly bully the victim, but by just standing by and giving their attention to the proceedings, they support the bully. These students are the ones that can step up…

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