The Laws Monitoring And Stopping Child Neglect Essay

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In today’s world there are so many rules and regulations that people are aware of, but do not have an in-depth understanding of. For instance, I am an individual who is aware that child neglect is against the law for exceedingly good reasons. However, I did not have an in-depth understanding of child neglect, especially the history of it, until I took the opportunity to use FindLaw to research the topic. Child neglect is categorized as physical, emotional, or sexual abuses, neglects, or abandonments of a child by the child’s parent or caretaker. The laws monitoring and stopping child neglect are meant to be powerful enough to ensure the safety of all children while allowing parents and caretakers to discipline their child or children in the way that works best for them. As a result, child neglect laws do not layout a list of ways parents and caretakers are allowed to discipline their children, but instead a list of disciplines that are prohibited by law. For instance, “burning, biting, or cutting a child, striking a child with a closed fist, inflicting injury to a child by shaking, kicking, or throwing the child, non-accidental injury to a child younger than 18 months [of age], interfering with a child’s breathing, and threatening a child with a dangerous weapon or using such a weapon on a child” are strictly prohibited by law. Child neglect laws have not always been of existence, which is extremely saddening considering, “child abuse has a lengthy history. Children have…

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