The Law Enforcement Executive Chief Officer Essay

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In order for a place where more than two people live laws need to be establish, or anarchy is more likely to happen. Our country since it was found laws where put in place for this same purpose. However, since population has grown since the 1700’s hundreds not only new laws have been created, but how in who enforce them has also changed.
The first agency created to keep the order in the land was the sheriff’s, and they have still countywide jurisdiction. The law enforcement executive chief position is obtained by vote, to qualify for the position is only required to have minimum age and no felony convictions. He/She is the general attorney of the state. Then the chief appoints officers to help carry the responsibilities that comes with the position. This is done by a civil service selection, meaning officers are tested on abilities, job knowledge, and skills. Main responsibilities sheriff’s have is to be officers of the court, and only when local police is not available small towns contract them to do criminal investigation and law enforcement.
Local police serves within the limits of the city, which is their jurisdiction. Responsibilities are to enforce traffic laws, maintain the order, criminal investigations, property crime, patrolling, investigating violent crimes. Police departments have a military style rank in a hierarchy pyramid. The chief executive is the chief of police, then the assistant or deputy chief, then majors and captains, follow by lieutenants, lastly is…

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