Essay about The Law And Narrative Will Be Studied And Defined

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n the text of the Pentateuch there is six genres’ that are identified. The genres of the Law and Narrative will be studied and defined. The main components of these two genres will be explored. While understanding how each one affects what is communicated, and the main point of the author.
The Pentateuch is first five books of the Old Testament, translated out of Greek into the words “five” and “vessel”, and from the Hebrew translation meaning “teaching” or “instruction” (Brand, Mitchell, & Staff, 2015) Out of these translations it is important to interpret which genre the text falls under to fully understand the text. The first genre that will be looked at is Law. In the Ancient Near Eastern times the Israelites were given the Law in order to keep them a holy people of God. For God called them to be the blessing to all nations, as God’s priest to them. God wants the Israelites to be set aside from the people of the world, God chose to give them the law to instruct them and to keep them from becoming like the world, full of sin. The law was meant to be a delightful gift from God, and not a burden. God gave the law as a way of living out a relationship with Him, where He could be in the mist of His holy people. Jesus speaks of the law in two facets, first He speaks in some instances of the eternal nature of the law, as He states nothing will pass away from the law until everything is done. Second He indicates that His mission is to fulfill the law not to abolish it. While in…

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