The Late Medieval Times Essay

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There were many significant events that played out during the Late Medieval Time Period, and although there were several occasions when there was failure, there were several occasions of victory as well. The general atmosphere of the Late Medieval Times was as complex as present day, and was full of development. There was constant development in every aspect, including the social, political, religious, intellectual, technological, and economic aspects.
The social aspect of the Late Medieval Times changed quite a bit. For example, in the beginning of Medieval Times women were seen as people who should only cook, clean, and raise the kids. In Jones’ Medieval Times, there is talk about what a woman does in the house. It could include hiring housekeepers, dealing with bakers and caterers, and keeping up with their workers for the house. And while yes, it probably was a lot to do at first when they had just gotten married, it was very simple, and there was not a lot more for women. They didn’t attend school, and they didn’t hold the important jobs that men had, such as doctors and scientists. But not all women were comparable to that.
Meet Nicola de la Haye. Hereditary constable (or governor) of her own castle and military commander, she seemed unstoppable. But when a man named William Marshal drove off the French who were taking siege of the castle, what did he do? He did what a perfectly chivalrous man would do, and took over her castle; giving it to someone else. Usually…

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