The Last Of The Mohicans Essay

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The Last of the Mohicans is a film that reflects the plight of the Indians in the American colonies through the failing of the Indian identity and overriding notions of whiteness. The film characterizes finality with the Indians slowly losing their land, food and existence during the time of the French-Indian War, while white men continued to move westward ( It demonstrates a dichotomy between the breath-taking landscapes and the brutality of war. It uses the imagery of a single tribe being led to extinction to represent the extinction of the Indian culture which no longer exists today. The film although mostly accurate took some creative liberties to explain why France 's Indian allies attacked the English following their peaceful surrender. The Last of the Mohicans represents the idea of finality with the Indians slowly losing their land, food and existence to the white men. We are introduced to the traditional Indian culture of hunting on their land to kill food, in the opening scene of the movie when the Mohicans stalked, killed and prayed over the dead deer. We then are immediately introduced to the changes in the Indians at the cabin when the youngest chief spoke English and discussed trading with the Dutch for silver, instead of trading with the British or French, who wanted to trade furs for wampum. He continued to say that the fur trade was running out and they would need to move further west to…

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