Essay on The Last Day By Alex Holland

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The Last Day
The Last Day follows Alex Holland 's last day of high school and the choices he must make about what type of person he wants to become. Opposing forces pull him towards different paths but by the end of the day he will make choices that will make huge impact on his future
Act I: Alex 's last day of high school begins like any other; he wakes up, gets ready for school, has breakfast with his parents, and then off to school. At breakfast his parents tell him they are proud of him, but that they wish he had applied to colleges instead of deciding to work and save money. At school, before the graduation ceremony, his girlfriend Jessica tells him she wants him to quit his job working for her father 's auto detailing shop, or stop seeing her. They argue briefly, then reconcile with Alex agreeing to think about looking for another job. After the ceremony Alex goes to work, as Jessica 's father has asked him to stop by before he heads out to a large graduation party.
Act II: At the shop, Jessica 's father Vince gives him an envelope full of cash as a graduation present, but tells Alex he wants him to stop seeing Jessica, or else he will be fired. He also tells Alex that he needs him to pick up a car at the airport and drive it to the junkyard before he goes to the party, but he tells him not to go anywhere with the car, he must drive it straight to the yard and leave it in a specific parking spot. He tells Alex that this could be the first of many "real" jobs he has…

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