The Language Of Prejudice By Gordon Allport Essay

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Writers must research, find examples, and outline their paper with their audience in mind. When, writers have efficient articles they have precise and clear thesis that will support with evidence to make it comprehendible to their audience. Gordon Allport is a professor at Harvard College, who teaches socio ethics because of his credentials his work was chosen to appear in the Language Awareness: Readings for College Writers by Paul Eschholz, Alfred Rosa, and Virginia Clark as an example for students to write better. Therefore, his essay and research will be compared to other writers to efficiently decide whether his chapter effectively provides an introduction, examples, and it appeals to the audience. Allport, in his well-coordinated essay, describes language as discriminatory to certain ethnic groups. In the chapter, “The Language of Prejudice” by Gordon Allport, he illustrates how people feel about certain ethnic group, and the adjectives that come to mind when discussing these ethnic groups. Allport elaborates that these terms are given to certain ethnic groups out of fear or lack of knowledge. The author does an effective job in appealing to his audience, and providing examples, but lacks the skills to produce a successful introduction.
First, in an essay there must be an introduction that appeals to the audience. It must not be too broad or narrow because it can quickly bore or confuse the reader. Allport’s introduction to “The Language of Prejudice” is very broad,…

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