Summary: Causes Of Prejudice By Vincent Parrillo

Michael argues that men suppose to be masculine. The first guy code that he points out is a men suppose to behave like a men. For example, not showing to the people his weaknesses. The second point is that masculinity shown through wealth and power. The third rule is that a men suppose to be independent while in a difficult situation. The last one is that a man should be aggressive.

Response A men is not always should be masculine. Hugs, kisses, and love are sometimes needed for men so he feel loved by the people surround him. Because a men have a feeling that is prone to depression, women should provide men with warmness instead of demanding on men all the time because a men is a human that have feelings. A men usually did not
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Levels of prejudice that has been exists on three levels: cognitive, emotional, and action orientation. Self-justification which is denigrating a person, authoritarian personality, and frustration which ignores the role of culture. These are the four elements that have been focused to show the relation of psychology and the cause of prejudice. Moreover, there are two main factors of prejudice in relation to sociology which are socialization and economic competition.
Prejudice is biased. We all have our biased towards other people. However, we cannot rely on the people’s prejudice all the time because there is no strong foundation that relies beneath the prejudice. Prejudicial attitudes that is a result from imitation is one of the examples that we have to avoid because imitating what others did is showing that one do not have a stance. As an individual that contributes in a society, we cannot judge others by what people think because people are biased and the prejudice is not always true in
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Ethnic hierarchy is the most influential and durable conception of the relations among the ethnic groups. Assimilation is a value that did not see a culture is inferior to the other, on another words, equality. Cultural pluralism is openness to the cultural differences instead of destroying them. And the last one is group separatism, the exclusiveness of a society that comes from a desire to withdraw from American society.

Response Open-minded is the best to describe the four basic models of ethnic relation. There is no problem of ethnic relation if people in this world succeed to be open-minded. Open to the differences in this world and admit that just because people are different does not mean that they are inferior. Appreciate one another by value the diversity in this world instead of eliminating the diversity. By doing this, America will be benefited from the different people in this world and be a leading

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