The Land Of The Free Essay

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The Land of the Free The Unites States of America was founded on the idea of freedom. Some of the first settlers in this country were the Pilgrims, who were oppressed and sought religious freedom. America was known for its diversity and acceptance. Anyone who came here through Ellis island was greeted with the open-arms of the statue of liberty, promising them freedom and prosperity. Although, recently, this has not been the case. Since this past presidential election started, America has blemished its previous reputation. This country has become a divided nation; one side of the divide is strongly against immigration and the other side appears to be much more accepting of new immigrants. There has been a lot of controversy lately over the impact of immigration on this country and its people, but people do not realize how strongly immigration effects the immigrants themselves. Americans need to have more sympathy and understanding for these people. Moving to a new country poses numerous difficulties on a person, especially when it comes to discrimination, finding a job, getting citizenship and emotionally dealing with moving to a new country. Immigration is harder on the immigrant than it is on the country taking them in. Countless immigrants come to America looking for work. This country was once known for its great opportunities and prosperity. Not all migrants have a job in place before moving here. Finding work has become much more difficult for immigrants today. Job…

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