The Land Of The ' Free ' Essay

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The Land of the “Free” The United States of America was created to represent the label of “freedom”. This is because the Founding Fathers experienced the injustice of not being able to be represented, hence “no taxation without representation” with the original British colonists. They established a government in which they believed would benefit the greatest number of people and the greatest number of people at the time was white men. The U.S government exemplifies the Utilitarian Position, a theory where the majority is benefitted. John Rawls, in A Theory of Justice, rejects the Utilitarian Position because it does not improve the condition of the least advantaged members of society and in fact, it might even harm them. Rawls was right to reject the idea because when the “greatest number” is being benefitted, the least advantaged are being harmed. Rawls’ position on the Utilitarian Position can be viewed in Western Democracies, specifically the United States of America. Rawls was a philosopher and a professor at Harvard University. He stated “a group of persons must decide… what is to count among them just and unjust” (Rawls 237). The Founding Fathers was the group of people that decided what was just and unjust. The Founding Fathers believed that “all men are created equal” (Jefferson 1776). Laws and amendments were established under this belief because it was believed that they would benefit the majority, but when benefitting the majority means the…

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