The Land Of Dreams By The United States Essay

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The United States has been known to be the land of dreams but as history has shown us that is only applied to Anglo or groups of people who fall into the Anglo or white groups. Education is defined to be the road to success or the road for a better life. For many Minorities specially Mexican American 's this means a better life than being a farmer, construction worker or homemaker as their parents have done in order to bring their children to a better country with much more opportunities than their homelands. The wanting for education to be Americanized and to match the level of resources due to the students race and parents income is where the structure is failing. CRT (Critical Race Theory) and Community culture wealth are the resources that the system uses in order to prove themselves wrong and forget about the inequalities that citizens of their country are facing making them less prepared for the real world. “Community cultural wealth is an array of knowledge, skills, abilities and contacts possessed and utilized by Communities of Color to survive and resist macro and microforms of oppression.” (78) Mexicans have been part of this country even before the Anglo’s took over. Most of the lower states in the US were Mexican territory, after the Treaty of Guadalupe the US took over but still allowed the Mexicans living in those states to reside as residents. Even though these residents were supposed to be given equal opportunities and be able to receive the same…

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