Essay The Lack Of Poor Quality Of Sleep

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I have gathered research evidence that concur with my personal opinion and idea of how the lack of and poor quality of sleep can and will negatively affect ones individual health, productivity, social interaction, physical aptitudes, health risks and overall academic achievements in today’s society. This particular research paper should be taken into consideration by college students and individuals alike. Since most undergraduates have no guidance on just how important sleep is in their overall academic achievements, they may find this information to be a key factor in their academic success down the road. We all know that in high school you never really needed to study in order to pass a class with adequate grades and many college freshmen enroll with that same idea. This research article will surely advocate in my favor and hopefully mentally prepare them for their college career. There are many factors that contribute to our inadequate sleep, but what do you think are the origins of inadequate sleep? Throughout my research I came across the fact that technology influences our sleep schedule drastically. Just think about how we use technology prior to going to bed for example checking social media updates really takes away from our sleeping schedule (Hershner and Chervin 73-84). Furthermore, it’s a fact that students whom obtained more sleep greater or equal to 9 hours, have a higher GPA than short sleepers with less than or equal to 6 hours (Hershner and Chervin…

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