The Lack Of Accommodation Available For The Health Care Workers During The Mayukwayukwa Refugee Settlement

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1.0 Introduction
This Assignment investigates the issues relating to the lack of accommodation available to the health care workers in the Mayukwayukwa refugee settlement in Zambia. Included is a design plan and the relevant research information, which provides the relevant information about a possible solution to the problems faced in the current situation.
2.0 Project Justification
The Mayukwayukwa refugee settlement a small number of workers with the skills needed at the health clinics and health posts. One way to increases the number of workers available to aid at the health clinics and posts is to create better accommodation for the workers (EWB, 2016). By establishing accommodation for the workers, they will be able to stay on in the Mayukwayukwa settlement and respond to emergencies quickly, as opposed to travelling for hours from the homes. (EWB, 2016). This benefits both the workers and those living in the Mayukwayukwa refugee settlement as it stops the amount of time spent traveling between locations and increases the amount of help available to everyone.
Many illnesses faced by the refugees can be unpredictable and faced at times when not enough or no medical staff is available, this can be prevented if accommodation and 24/7 medical attention is available to the staff and community members.
3.0 Preliminary research summary:
Reference 1
Weiss, W., Vu, A., Tappis, H., Meyer, S., Haskew, C., & Spiegel, P. (2011). Utilization of outpatient services in refugee…

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