Community Policing: Relationship Between Police And The Community

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Community policing is a working partnership with a community that helps improve the environment, to a better place to live and identify local crime and disorder problems. “Policing in a multicultural society is a hot topic that must begin with greater understanding of public opinions about police.” (Parsons, 2008). Liou & Savage (1996) stated that community policing can improve consistently the public safety and decrease crime rates within communities. Police has an issue with the race and cultural differences with minority communities. Another issue is that community policing can be challenging because of the low interaction and communication between the police and community members, particularly in connection to minority communities. Community policing is fundamentally a relationship between the police and the community to create a better environment and trust is a key element for successful community policing and should be based on the police trusting citizens, and communities as the other way round.

The Police Department has the correct spot in terms of utilizing community policing in minority neighborhoods. The system brings a much higher number of officers in squad cars driving through communities. Therefore, police officers had lower interaction and
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In such manner, qualities, values, mission and vision of community policing upon specific community needs. The study of Liou & Savage (1996) in community policing on residents’ view of crime and police work. The results of the study demonstrated that, after the execution of community policing, an increment of 32 percent of respondents feels that crime is decreasing and an increment of 31 percent of respondents feel that police work is progressing. The relationship between the police and their communities it is better within the last six

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