The Lack Of Academic Integrity Essay

743 Words Oct 7th, 2015 3 Pages
“There can be no friendship without confidence, and no confidence without integrity.”
- Samuel Johnson

The lack of academic integrity has always been a problem in society but in recent years, the percent of it has increased dramatically. Some people don’t even know what academic integrity means. Today’s and future generations need to fully understand the true value and meaning of academic integrity, regardless of the different career paths.
But how can people know its importance without knowing its meaning? This involves not only students, but literally everyone, for it represents a person’s true character. Academic integrity is being honest about a work that is being submitted, crediting all rightful sources and adding a person’s own personal interpretation of a work. It means personally fulfilling a task that was set upon with the purpose of gaining knowledge. This involves not only research, but the person’s personal belief in the matter as well. This has gone beyond ‘academic’ issues, for it defines a person’s moral, knowledge, and the person as a whole. Due to the rise of massive dishonesty in education facilities, as stated by an article at, most educator are becoming more alert for this behavior. I was always told that we humans are naturally “evil” in a sense, and that this is why children are always taught “good” things like telling the truth. If we are not all sufficiently disciplined enough to feel compelled to tell the truth then we fail to be…

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