Essay on The Label Of A Learning Disability

1935 Words Dec 19th, 2015 null Page
Imagine a little girl, with high hopes of academics, friendships, dreams, and life. Picture her walking with her head held high and her spirits bright. A light in her that is shown through her smile and her devotion to school and others. Imagine that light slowly losing its spark because of those around her who demoralize her dreams of accomplishments. Teachers, peers, and strangers. Nothing but negative stereotypes and judgments from a simple yet harsh label. Now that light is gone and the flame has dimmed into nothing but black smoke. She could have gone on to cure cancer. This girl could have ended world hunger. But now, she has lost her dreams. All because she has dyslexia. For a long time now, children have been stripped of their potential level of achievements because of the judgments of the label “dyslexia”. I believe that the label of a learning disability is never going to be eliminated, therefore, we as a society should focus on getting rid of the simple judgments that come from this label. There is so much more to these children than what people see. They are smart, brave, and they are courageous. By not placing negative judgments on these children, they will not feel the pressures of the judgments by the harsh characteristics that society places. There are many differences between judgments and labels. To make myself clear, I am focusing on eliminating the judgments that the label “dyslexia” brings. Although eliminating judgments is a difficult topic to address…

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