The Korean Wave Essays

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Trending Worldwide: Korean Wave
Rosanna Danica B. Maguad
University of the Philippines Visayas

TRENDING WORLDWIDE: KOREAN WAVE Unlike in the past, Philippine Media is now a combination of various Asian entertainments. It imports TV series and movies from neighboring Asian countries. Imported movies are then dubbed in Filipino and streamed in our country. ABS-CBN, one of the top TV stations in the country, started to explore foreign TV series last 2003. This was “Meteor Garden,” a Taiwanese drama series. Because of the boom of the said series, GMA 7, a rival of ABS-CBN, made the same move. They also brought in various teleseryes from other Asian countries. They were the first one to air Korean dramas. Although, both stations tried
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At the age of 15-20, both Korean artists and non-show business individuals, have their face and body “fix” as presents and gifts (“More Korean teens having plastic surgery,” 2011). According to Maliankay (2006), the wave gained true momentum after the export of Winter Sonata. It also launched the career of Bae Yong Joon. Bae’s character was pictured as a perfect lover, and captivating facial features. Because of this, fans arrived in a common notion that all Korean men are alike. This was quoted by Kim Ok Hyun, a director of “Star M” in Faiola’s article (2006). Based on the nature of the starting point of the wave, Hallyu is primarily supported by women (“The Korean Wave”, n.d.).
There is a common knowledge that Asian women fans fell in “love” with their favorite Korean celebrities as stated in “The Korean Wave” (n.d.). Thus as the Korean wave spreads, more and more Asian women adore Korean men.
In Japan, Rakuen Korea, a Japanese-Korean matchmaking service is very in demand. Kazumi Yoshimura, a 26-year-old Japanese nationality, testified that she spent a thousand of dollars to find her “Seoulmate” (Faiola, 2006).
Korean wave have strong elements in it. One prominent feature of the wave is the Korean Pop or widely known as K-POP. The “Nobody” of Wonder Girls would best define what K-POP is. The uniformity of dance steps, a high and unique fashion sense, and its matchless tunes characterize the K-pop phenomenon. After the break-out

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