The Killer Angels By Michael Shaara Essay

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In this historical novel, The Killer Angels, Michael Shaara retells the events of the Battle of Gettysburg, in a way that allows the reader the ability to visualize each scene as it unfolded in the past.. The Battle of Gettysburg is regarded as one of the bloodiest battles fought on America soil and was a turning point in the civil war. The Confederates took the offensive while the Union defended the higher ground. These events, normally told from a third person view are now told through the eyes of soldiers who documented their experiences. In The Killer Angels, the reader sees the formulation and execution of plans, as well as, the reactions of the soldiers. Shaara explains the process to which generals will justify their actions and decisions during war based on tactics that will result in glory. These tactics led to a blindness towards achieving a more practical victory. He supports this claim by giving an insight into the feelings and justification for the actions between the Union and the Confederates, the emotions of the officers to emphasize the reality of war, and the impact the offensive assault.
Throughout the book Shaara provides a play-by-play of each day through the eyes of both sides. A Confederate spy within the Union ranks provided General Longstreet with essential information regarding the movement of the Union troops. General Longstreet delivered this information to General Lee explaining that the Union army was on the move. Without this key…

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