The Key Leadership Skills And Competencies Essay

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Leadership is essential to any institutes because it is an important factor for making an organization successful. This paper will choose one of the advertisements for a new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and analyze the suitable position description. Overall, the paper will examine the key leadership skills and competencies, and define the leadership style what is the best suit for the organization based on the position description.

There are several theories and research findings on the leadership skills and competencies. Formerly study into leadership had focused on traits such as personality, physique and cognitive style (Benington and Hartley, 2010). These were anticipated to be fixed and mainly inherited, but there is also assumption that competencies may be acquired because competencies are the knowledge, skills and attributes that can develop in every aspect of life. Apparently, there are numerous descriptive lists of leadership’s competencies, but the top key area of leadership competencies are interpersonal skills, technical skills, cognitive skills, conceptual skills, communication skills, and emotional intelligence (Muller and Turner, 2005). These types of leadership competence can contribute to effective leadership performance.

Pertaining to the four advertisements given, Position Description 1 is the best apt position description for a new CEO because it outlines the overall healthcare leader should be. The Position Description 1 illustrates the position…

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