The Key Elements Of Qualitative Research Essay

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This essay will outline the key elements of qualitative approaches to general research, from an interpretivist philosophical view. I will include research from academics and researchers to support the knowledge that I have gained throughout this module. This essay will highlight the essential traditions and approaches to carrying out qualitative research. I will then focus on the most popular and effective methods associated with this topic, before discussing the criticisms and implications. According to Corbin and Strauss (1998: 10-11), the term “qualitative research” is defined, as “any type of research that produces findings not arrived at by procedures or other means of quantification. It can refer to research about a person’s life, encountered experiences, behaviours, emotions and feelings…” I can conclude that qualitative research is a method of collecting and analysing data, not in a numerical sense but more certainly a literal approach.

Crotty (1998:88) believes that there are four elements to a qualitative approach to a research project, which include epistemology, theoretical perspective, methodology and method.
Firstly, Gray (2014: 19-21) describes the element epistemology as “a philosophical background for deciding what kinds of knowledge are legitimate and adequate”. In terms of qualitative research, Gray is concerned with the constructivism perspective, of which he defines the participants in the study as declining the “truth and meaning in the external…

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