The K 12 Tenure Privilege Essay

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America is a country of immigrants; it traditionally has been and likely always will be excellent at attracting foreign intellectuals and experts worldwide. This country is a destination for international geniuses who come here to utilize their talents in many fields. With the combined talents of professors both foreign and domestic, the American higher education system has become a magnet for brilliant and ambitious international students. Paradoxically, the U.S. education system from kindergarten to 12th grade is struggling. Parents complain their children are not prepared for higher education. Many employers consider the K-12 system ineffective at producing a high tech workforce that meets the demands of the domestic labor market. And in comparison with its counterparts in other advanced developed countries, American K-12 students are being left behind academically. Many critics blame the tenure privilege as a culprit; some critics go so far as to accuse the tenure system as being illogical and unethical. These criticisms of the tenure system include something in common, i.e., they all claim reform is needed. The K-12 tenure privilege should be eliminated from the national education system immediately.
Teachers unions are huge supporters of the tenure privilege; they justify the need for the existence of that privilege by asserting “teachers are able to fail poorly performing students, regardless of how influential they are to the school” without fear of…

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