The Justice System Is Abusing Its Power Essay

2300 Words May 4th, 2016 10 Pages
Have you ever wondered as a little kid as what an ideal world would look like in America? I always thought that the world would be a perfect utopia, flying cars, no crime and food that you can put in the microwave and it instantly cooks. Growing up and getting older, I soon realized that most adults including me don’t look for this in an ideal world. I have come to realize that in my lifetime none of these things I dreamt of as a kid will happen. There are countless flaws in America that is hindering the perfect world. There are countless videos around social media that show that the justice system is abusing its power. You see cops abusing their power as a superior over the citizens to threaten or put fear into the victim 's eyes and then no justice is being served for their actions. They get away with it over and over again without any consequences. Not only are the cops discriminating but also the people of America. Lots of people with a different color skin are being discriminated in sports. Calling a penalty or foul against someone with color is happening very often without people even realizing it. Not only the officials abusing their power but also the players are discriminating towards other players. Name calling and hurtful words can drive a person to take irrational actions. In the everyday life of These are some of the many obstacles that get in away of my ideal perfect America. My ideal vision of America is for people in position of power or higher authority,…

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