The Jury System Within The English Legal System Essay

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The jury system within the English legal system has evolved over a number of years, rather than being created from scratch. It has relatively changed since its first introduction on the days after the Norman Conquest. At first, the function of the jury was to partake the role of witnesses and provide general material considering local matters and determining which persons owned a certain piece of land and at where the boundary of the land was met. It was not until under the power of Henry II, that the jury took a considerably more important role within the judicial system. Jurors moved away from the method of reporting the events which they were aware of and moved towards the approach of evaluating evidence which was put forward by the parties present in court and delivering a verdict. Over the years, it became imperative that the jury must know as very little as possible about the case for the duration of the trial and before the trial takes place. This important aspect of the jury process came into effect after the Bushell’s case (1670) - In this case, two Quakers conducted a speech and preach in the middle of a street in the centre of London. Under legislation, it was forbidden and unlawful for more than five people to perform a religious assembly. Therefore the defendants were arrested and taken to court, it was here where the Judges attempted to bully the jury into finding the men guilty of a crime. However, the jury opposed that and found the defendant as not…

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