Essay about The Jungle Summer Assignment

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The Jungle Summer Assignment

The best way to describe the situation of the working class in early 20th century America is exploitive. The dictionary definition of exploitive is to use selfishly for one’s own benefit. In early 20th century America, exploitation is in every corner of business. Jurgis Rudkus and his family immigrate to America in search of a better life. As it turns out, in late 19th century America, life is even harder. As Jurgis begins to work at his new job at the meat processing plant, he is thrilled to bring in money for his family. However, he soon learns that with working in the factories, comes disease, injury, disgusting conditions, low wages and the fear of being let go. During this time period, working conditions were unregulated. Leaving the working class at the mercy of capitalist business owners who decided how they would be treated in the workplace. Often at times, business owners would pay its workers little to nothing in order to bring in the majority of the profit for themselves. An example of said abysmal working conditions is shown when the heat became so unbearable that the “killing-beds of Durham’s became a very purgatory” and soon after, “three men fell dead from sunstroke” (Sinclair 116). Furthermore, Jurgis is nearly crushed while handling cattle on the job, resulting in a crippling workplace injury. He is out of work with no workers compensation because in the thoughts of the Durham company doctor, “the injury was not one that…

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