The Jungle Book Essay

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Bridget Boyle
Eng 105-39
23, February 2015
The Jungle Book Disney has the ability to make children out of adults and turn old stories in to movies that are memorable for all. From Snow White to Frozen, Disney has been capturing audience’s attention no matter what age group. One of the most notable films is the Jungle Book. The Jungle Book is an amazing story that takes viewer through the life of Mowgli who was a boy that was raised by wolves. The young boy must leave from his wolf family in order to escape the man-eating tiger named Shere Khan. With the Indian boy's fellow companions Bagheera and Baloo the audience experiences a great and positive story, fun songs, amazing animations for the time, and characters that
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In time Mowgli makes it back to his village with the help and motivation of his jungle friends and their songs of happiness.
Songs are a great way to get audiences to get involved with the film, especially with the film was created with a younger target audience. In the movie the Jungle Book viewers are treated with 22 catchy and easy songs. From the creation and release of this movie in 1967 any child who saw it can easily recognize the songs like “I want to be like you” and “The Bare Necessities” being classics. Some of the songs deliver a good and positive message that can be applied in all viewers' lives. The songs that were written for this movie are easy for the younger audience to keep up with and sing along with. The music and songs in the movie are good for all ages to watch and enjoy and even though this movie came out in 1967, the music is unmistakable to anyone who has watched the movie.
In 1923, Walt Disney started making his world famous cartoons, it was 44 year later when The Jungle Book was released to the theaters. At this time the age of technology was growing and evolving into more and more complex structure than it was in 1923. For the time animation and drawing technique was still advancing and with the implement of color into the animations made the movie amazing. With younger audiences, the color of the animation really keeps their attention to the movie. Compared to Disney's

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