The Journey Through The Twenty Weeks Of Learning Essay

1138 Words Dec 12th, 2015 5 Pages
The journey through the fifteen weeks of learning has been hugely beneficial to me. When I started out, the prospect of improving my reading and writing skills was still shrouded with self-doubt. I did not fully understand what the process would entail and I was unsure of whether I was cut out to do well in the course. However, after attending the first two weeks of learning, it became apparent to me that this was the right decision to take. I discovered that the manner of instruction was easy to understand and I quickly started to learn the course material. I had never thought that the process of reading could be taught to someone. It was a surprise to learn that it was possible to learn how to be a better reader. As time went by my reading and comprehension skills became better and I must admit that I have done well in my reading since. The learning I have received over the past fifteen weeks has helped to improve my reading, critical thinking and writing skills to a level I did not possess earlier. The development of my critical thinking has helped to open up my mind allowing me to develop original ideas and opinions, while the reading and writing skills acquired help me to put down my ideas in a more authoritative and coherent manner.
I have done well in the area of conducting research and writing about diverse topics. This diversity of content has been a blessing to me as I am now able to engage in conversations about varying topics and contribute constructively. I have…

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