The Journey Of The Odyssey Essay

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The Odyssey falls right into place with Joseph Campbell’s, “Hero’s Journey” as Odysseus travels far and wide to complete his journey. He voyages through all of the twelve stages present in the hero’s journey while discovering, fighting, and traveling with his men till the very end. While on his voyage he becomes and meets characters that match the Hero’s Journey archetypes as they help or prevent him on his journey. The interpretation of the stages of the Hero’s Journey below helps to describe Odysseus’s travels by breaking it down piece by piece.
The first stage shown in The Odyssey would be Odysseus’s “ordinary world”. Odysseus is just your “average joe” with a wife and a child just like any other ordinary family, who lives on the Island of Ithaca. In the first book, Odysseus takes Athena into his estate and he “led the way; Athena followed him. Once they were in the high-roofed hall, he placed her lance against a column at whose base a polished rack…The feast was theirs,” (Book I, pages 7-8). This quote expresses Odysseus’s “Ordinary World” by describing parts of his home and the quality of life within it. The second stage present in Odysseus’s journey would be his “call to adventure”. Odysseus was called to adventure by his Calypso when he was on the Island of Calypso where she was told to release him and let him venture home. “Unhappy man, don’t stay-in tears-with me: do not destroy your life. Most willing I set you free.” (Book 5, page 100). Also, within this first…

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