The Journey Of Growing Up In Northern Lights By Philip Pullman

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Growing up is a transition phase in human lives, it is the most important step to the world of maturity and adulthood. It’s extremely surprising how difficult that stage is, as it gets harder through the journey from childhood to Adolescence ending up to grownup’s world, and that doesn’t happen overnight. It takes a lot of thinking though, personality shaping, choices and courage to get through this important stage and arrive accurately there, and by “there”; I mean that point of satisfaction, freedom and awareness that a person can acquire. The journey of growing up never ends, as long that a person is learning, discovering and experiencing things, he or she will preserve growing up. The harder circumstances or situation you experienced the …show more content…
A child called Lyra Belacqua, who found herself orphan in life, a very curious, strong and smart child. She went through a lot of danger and hard choices that turned her out to be more matured of any other adults around her. In fact the little “Barbarian” girl was an inspiration for them all. (Pullman 35)

Taking responsibility: first step to maturity world In the beginning of her growing up journey, Lyra seemed to be the most unlucky one among her peers, for having no parents to guide her, with no home or family even, as she lived in the Jorden collage in Oxford University. For a start; children under these kind of circumstances are more likely to be lacking of gaudiness and secure, especially when her mother Mrs. Coulter turned out to be a very selfish person and her father “Lord Asriel” was minding the mysterious “Dust”, and how to use children to get through the other world. Pullman however, showed that a child is able to grow up no matter what circumstances or chances life gives or takes. He also stresses that parents who are considered “adults” are not necessarily always right and they shouldn’t be followed all the time. He also shows that children has the right to choose and take responsibility
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Lyra is twelve years old child after all, no matter how brave, smart or independent she was, she is still a human being, soul and flesh. She eventually would come across her moments of weakness and tiredness. As Lyra moved on through her journey, she felt betrayed from the very beginning when she know that Mrs. Coulter is not taking her North as she claimed. She wanted to use her to get more kids to separate them. The journey was long and exhausting. A voice came from her soul whispering “I am tired”. Growing up takes effort, time and sacrifices, there is nothing wrong of being tiered, as she looked back to her amazingly hard adventure, she knew that it is only a matter of time and she shall pursed her journey again. “She turned away. Behind them ley pain and death and fear; ahead of them ley doubt, and danger and fathomless mysteries. But they weren’t alone” (Pullman, 396). Lyra have lost her best friend Roger, dealt with her unstable mother for forcing her to do things that she doesn’t want, she ran away from the Gobblers, get along with the armoured bears, she also had to trust the Gyptions and saved the children. All these elements contributed in Lyra’s growing up process. In my opinion, the most painful part that Lyra experienced was the ability of seeing the truth through her

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