The Job Of A Healthcare Administrator Essay

1129 Words Mar 6th, 2016 null Page
Health care administrators usually work in an office within a hospital, group medical practice, behavioral health, or nursing home. They also spend a lot of time outside of the office for an organization, speaking with people in a variety of environments and observing the activities going on a daily in the healthcare setting. The job of a healthcare administrator, has similar responsibilities to those of leadership positions, social service managers, and human resource managers, among others. You’ve probably seen on or more of these professionals in the past when you’ve been in a health care setting. Although their work often goes on behind the scenes, it is unnoticed by patients. The size of the organization will determine the exact functions a healthcare administrator will personally take care of. When being in the healthcare field, there are a lot of roles that you play, as well as the responsibilities it takes to do this type of job. When it comes to the medical field you have to know right from wrong, one mistake can be a big deal; bigger than you think. The health care administration deals with not only the patients, but depending on what area you pursue it also deals with what is wrong with the patient. This area is also where the HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act) privacy law comes into play. HIPPA, deals with the patient’s privacy. Anyone that is in the health care position, its best that you go by this because, if you don’t it could cost you…

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