The Issues Of Health Care Essay

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In America, diversity is unavoidable and it is a key factor in the health field. It is vital to be culturally sensitive in a country full of diversity. Along with being sensitive, having a sensibility for the diverse community is vital to the smooth operation of the health care industry. It is important for all members of the health care team to be sensible and culturally sensitive to ensure progress in the hospitals and clinic.
To be culturally and morally sensitive, people must first be aware of others religion, sex, education status, mobility, sexual orientation, and age. The next step is to learn about others situations and put yourself in their shoes. It is important for medical personnel to acquire awareness and knowledge to be prepared when encountered with diverse communities.
It is vital to be sensitive as a health care provider so patients do not become agitated or offended if a medical professional were to say the wrong thing to the right person. For example, in some religions it is disrespectful for a stranger to speak to the wife of a married couple, for they are accustomed to only speaking to the males. In a real world situations, an uncomfortable situation could be avoided if the nurse or doctor would have known to only to speak to the husband first. If the husband would have taken offence to a physician or nurse speaking to his wife, it would not be a progressive or profitable situation. This would most likely make for an agitated pair of patients. An…

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