Essay about The Issue Of World Hunger

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While genetically modified organisms have been around since the 90 's, they are still a highly debated topic all the way into 2016. The use of many GMOs create a hot bed of debate, but the pros of GMOs far outweigh the cons. The struggle for the population control and world hunger are evident and also uncontrollable, as we approach 9 billion people it is eminent that we will run out of needed resources such as food, gas, and space. What if I told you that the issue of food could be easily solved with GMOs, are you willing to take the risks of a few to feed millions?

For every nine people in the world, one is going undernourished. Another statistic gathered from the WFP (World Food Program) is that 795 million people go starving. In America, we are often times blind to the hunger that is present in developing countries, and even some developed countries. Thus the issue of world hunger can easily be ignored, but let me ask you this; who are we to hold back important bio-engineering advances from those who go starving, simply because I choose not to use those products? Who are Americans to stop the advancements of others fate and well beings simply because we have our own moral wrongs associated with GMO 's?

The increase in corn yield in Missouri from 1950 to 2015 was over 100 bushes per acre, this coincides directly the introduction of GMO 's in 1994. Surely some, if not most, of the crops in Missouri picked up GMO 's as they became more advanced. I could surely imagine that…

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