The Issue Of The Bill Of Rights Essay

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The U.S. would not be better off without the "Bill of Rights", in fact America would presumably fall apart without it. The Bill of Rights has protected the citizens of America from being attacked and treated unjustly by the government as well as others. Without the Bill of Rights, Congress would possess the ability to have complete control over the citizens, meaning they could search ones house without a warrant or they could make it illegal to have an opinion and to practice a religion. Essentially, many of the privileges we have today would no longer be given to us without the "Bill of Rights". Law-abiding citizens definitely need the "Bill of Rights" as without it they may no longer be law-abiding. A simple task that they used to do such as going to church could become illegal. There are some loopholes to the Bill of Rights which criminals sometimes benefits criminals by giving them time to flee or plan an escape but that does not mean we should get rid of the Bill. The pros of the Bill definitely outweigh its cons. this Bill creates a better and more free life for Americas people. The "Bill of Rights" prevents congress from having the ability to search and invade citizens houses without good reason/warrant, it also gives America 's people the right to their own opinion, whether it is written or spoken, as well as it grants people the right to practice the religion of their choice with no punishment, and it makes Congress unable to indict a person without a…

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