Essay about The Issue Of Teenage Pregnancy Rate

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(, 2016)

The above graph shows that teenage pregnancy rate is most common amongst those from a manual background than those from managerial or professional background. The graph shows that 1.1% teenagers from a managerial or professional who were pregnant. 3.5% pregnancy rate amongst teenagers from an intermediate background and 8.4% pregnancy rate amongst teenagers from a routine or manual background. This proves that teenagers from manual backgrounds have higher pregnancy rate compare to teenagers from managerial or professional backgrounds. Therefore suggests that those from a manual background are more likely to get pregnant during their teens compared to those from a professional background. This is because those from manual backgrounds may not be well educated about contraception; as a result they are more likely to get pregnant due to lack of awareness of contraception. Furthermore those from a manual background may not value education therefore prefer to have children and building their own families. Whereas teenagers from professional backgrounds will have been educated about contraception therefore they are less likely to get pregnant as they would be aware of contraception such as condoms, pills and other contraception methods. As a result they will have less teenage pregnancy rate and therefore able to go onto further education and gain more qualifications that will help them get better jobs in the future which will help them get a good job which…

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