The Issue Of Teen Deaths Essay

1851 Words May 24th, 2016 8 Pages
An outrageous number of teens are killed each year in car accidents. Children in our communities are dying left and right from driving accidents because we 're not taking the correct course of action to help them. The amount of effort it takes to protect your young loved one from car accidents is not a huge undertaking and is worthwhile. Parents have to take most of this blame because they 're the ones that should be teaching their teens how to drive responsibly and being a good example on the road. Despite major efforts, teen deaths from car accidents remain to be a problem in today 's society. However, the issue could be dramatically reduced through more strict laws, also laws regarding when and where teens can drive, parents being more strict of driving rules, and more drivers education classes being held at lower prices.
Teens cause too many problems on the road and are a liability to other drivers. Some of these problems include teens’ inexperience behind the wheel, their immaturity, the brain of teenagers are not fully developed to make quick decisions needed for driving. You need a high level of experience before you get on the road. According to the article Summer is a Dangerous Time for Teen Driving Accidents, it says, “Because of many distractions and teen driver inexperience, motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of teen deaths” (1). Also, immaturity will make a teen do stupid things on the road that a mature driver would not do. Davis Robert, a staff…

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