The Issue Of Sexual Assault Essay

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The issue of sexual assault has been relatively rampant around the vicinity of Duquesne University and involving Duquesne University students. Why is sexual assault a major problem with all the preventive measures taken by the state to protect these students? Do these victims raise this alarm for the simple reason that the state does not smile on anyone involved in sexual assault? Despite the fact that the state is strict regarding this issue, why is the crime still a major problem in Duquesne University/Universities and major cities? These questions are raised because, of the various articles in the Duquesne Duke and emails sent to the students to guard against sexual assaults by Thomas Hart on Wednesday 10/28/2015. The statistic on the number of rapes in Pittsburgh city from 2012 to 2014 shows a mark increase from 39, 51 to 90 respectively (Seelinger Duquesne Duke, 2015). The Duke report on sexual assaults on the following editions: September 3rd, 17th, October 1st plus the unreported assaults and from emails sent by Duquesne police. This gives the clear indication that sexual assault occurs frequently. It is scaring to hear of heart breaking news and to be an inhabitant of this type of environment. A subject like this is shocking and raises goose pimples on one’s body. Some foreign students have expressed fear and the sense of insecurity when they read about sexual assault on their school newspaper and listen to news. Coming from Africa, reading and hearing these…

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