Difference Between Individualism And Private Property

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1. Individualism is the idea that people should be self-reliant, responsible for themselves and should not expect the government to help. This idea goes hand in hand with the concept of private property which places limitations on the use of tax dollars for safety, security and victim services. Individualism and Private property play a role in how government respond to victims because it is the belief that individuals are responsible for the things that happen to them and have the power to prevent unwanted situations or if placed in a horrid situation it is there moral responsibility to them self to restore their life back to the state they were in prior to the event. Private property limits what the government is allowed to do and the amount of funding they have for the victims that need government assistance. As a society we often want to help each other but don’t want to infringe on our own personal rights.

In stances where the violent crime rate is brought into question in comparison to the violent crime rate of other countries such as Europe, the U.S
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This is because all 50 states have passes legislation that established victims’ rights. However, all 50 states crime rights may differ depending on the state. The ideal DNA also is a means of protection because it is put I place to catch the offender, and also doesn’t use DNA against them. Yet it is flawed in protecting as well because it is so extensive some cases aren’t looked at or overlooked. Safety of victims is evolving for instance victims are forced to wait with offenders/ offender’s families, they are more protected by police and policy. Victims of sexual assault are less protected because in these crimes victims are blamed more for their assault. Victims of sexual crimes voices often times aren’t heard or are over looked by their offender’s social influence in the criminal justice

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