The Issue Of Same Sex Marriages Essay

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Jack Price, forty-nine years old, was viciously beaten by two New York men. These men held a strong hatred towards Price even though he was a complete stranger to them. The affects of the beating on Price were tremendous: a broken jaw, several broken ribs, two collapsed lungs, and a lacerated spleen. “What was the reason for these two men attacking an unknown man on the streets of New York,” one might ask? Well, Price was openly gay. Falling in love is not something that one can make happen, it just does. Imagine meeting a soul mate after years of searching and wanting to get married, but the law makes it a possibility for that marriage to ever occur. This feeling has been the center of many same-sex couples’s lives ever since our country was created. Allowing same sex marriages would bring justice to America’s so-called religious freedom, protect homosexuals from the many hate crimes agains them, and would give more kids the chance of being adopted. Ever since this issue became prevalent, one of the main reasons people say same-sex marriages should continue to be against the law has been because of many people’s religious views. According to Jeffrey M. Jones, 81% of people with no religious affiliation support same-sex marriage, and only 48% of Catholics are supportive of same-sex marriages. The very first amendment of the United States Bill of Rights states that each individual has religious freedom, and anyone who lacks it shall be protected. Claiming that…

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