The Issue Of Same Sex Marriage Essay

1713 Words Apr 28th, 2016 null Page
Another example of a success for the LGBTQ community in the government sphere was made around the same time as DeBoer v Snyder: the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn the country-wide ban on same-sex marriage. The Supreme Court made the ruling on June 26th, 2015, which paved the way for the issue of same-sex joint adoption to be addressed further in places where the issue was being avoided, as now more and more couples would be wanting to jointly adopt children, and with a legal marriage license, it is difficult to keep them from attempting to adopt children. Everything boiled down to if potential parents would look into local adoption agencies, out-of-state, or even foreign adoption. This made it not only a more difficult and time consuming process for the adoptive parents to go through legally, but it also left more children in Michigan’s, and more specifically Detroit’s, foster care networks.
While the government sphere has seen some successes there are also just as many, if not more, failures. Democrats, who were vehemently opposed to the House Bills 4188-4190 passed by Snyder in 2015, began pushing policies in March before the bill was even passed to encourage and support same-sex couples to achieve success in the adoption process with minimal discrimination. One amendment proposed that adoption agencies that received over $500,000 in state funding would not be able to refuse placement of a child to available couple, regardless of sincerely held religious views…

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