Essay about The Issue Of Human Sciences

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During class, we were talking about the subject of human sciences. This was after Shubham’s, Sam’s, and Chris’s group presented their lesson. We watched a video on Youtube about Harlow 's studies on dependency in monkeys. While watching this video, a question based off the subject of ethics came from a student during mid-video. This caused a little discussion at the end of the class about the importance of it.
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You may explore what it suggests, reveals, or makes you think in the terms of AoK

In human sciences, we focus on human behavior and what produces it. Everything that we do is based on ethics. What is right and wrong, or what is acceptable and what is not. Without it, there would not be any law nor order. Ethics is basically a universal belief that everyone follows. They all may not be the same for every person, but they are still followed dedicately. Ethics are important due to the fact they tell us from right and wrong. We see that causing pain and suffering to others is a bad thing. Stealing and destroying from others is wrong we all have agreed on as a world. Yet there are some who disregard these beliefs so they can get a personal gain. But there are others who fight for the ethics of others. International Peace Day became possible when hundreds of nations came together to find a day non-violence. It is ethics that have caused this to happen. One person took a bigger stand because of his beliefs and managed to convinced nations because this is what…

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