Ruggiero: Ethical Ethics: Moral Ideas And Dilemmas

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In Ruggiero, chapter seven there are 2 inquiries that I would like to examine for ethical decisional-making to analyze the situation along using the three criteria (consequences, obligations, and morals ideals) started by Errol Harris. Let’s discuss what the 3 criteria are “Consequences are the beneficial or harmful effect that result from an action and affect the people involved, including, of course, the person performing the action and Obligations, restrictions on our behaviors, demands to something or to avoid doing it” (Ruggiero, p.79). Moral ideals, “are aspect of excellence, goals that bring greater harmony within one’s self and between self and other” (Ruggiero, p. 80).
Inquiries #18:
A young woman is diagnosed with a serious kidney
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Legal prosecution; using chemical restraint (tranquilizer)
3. Lawsuit against nursing home, if a sentinel event had happened
4. Make matter worse because resident may have an adverse effect due to residents pre-existing condition.
The nursing supervisor is obligated to keep their staffs, residents, and the nursing facility safe and ensuring that nurses are using safe nursing practice. If a problem was to come up and it cannot be resolve among staffs the nursing supervisor is the resource of resolving the issue. In this situation, the issue is that the nursing home is unstaffed and having nurse administered a tranquilizer to resident to keep them quiet is not a correct way of handle this problem. Keeping the staff and residents’ safe during his/her shift is the priority of the nursing supervisor.

Moral ideals:
In a nursing profession, nurse hold an oath stating “Do no Harm”. The nursing supervisor lacks prudence, loving kindness, compassion, and beneficence. The nursing supervisor did not use good judgement when she had ordered nurses to give tranquilizer to residents not considering the risk of danger that she is putting the residents in as well as her nursing staff. The nursing supervisor has shown no concern towards the residents, and did not considered what if this was done to him/her. We all consider nurses to be angels, but in this case, there was no random act of

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