The Issue Of Gun Control Essay

1212 Words Jul 14th, 2015 null Page
We may see one day see a time when we will not have the ability to protect our families if our right to bear arms is taken away from us from the federal government. The fear of guns, a possible mandated background check, infringing on our Second Amendment rights, and keeping the regulations of firearms within each individual state are current issues that are having an impact on the federal government’s need to control our gun rights. This paper will present these four issues in more detail, along with a proposed solution to this problem.
The number one issue surrounding the government’s need to control our gun rights is fear. The main source of this is the anxiety stems from the need of parents to protect their children. The debate of gun control has come to the forefront in the wake of the mass shootings happening throughout the nation. Some argue that background checks will keep guns out of the hands of people who should not have them. A group founded in response to the Sandy Hook Elementary school tragedy believes that guns in America are creating a public health crisis that is attacking children and that stronger gun laws are the answer to protecting them.
Parents who are against gun rights hesitate to own guns because they believe owning a gun will increase the chances of a household member being hurt or killed by someone inside their home, no matter the circumstances. The violence and crime that dominates the local news, social, and mass media definitely…

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