Essay about The Issue Of Gun Control

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Kelly O’Halloran
Professor Said
Disc 1312
7 October 2014
Analysis Paper 2
People Kill People Turning on the TV to a new channel and seeing another headline about a school shooting or other gun violence is devastating no matter your view on gun control. This has sparked the discussion and debates about gun control across the nation. People’s immediate reaction is to suggest more rules and regulations about who can own a gun and how they can purchase a gun, but this is not the solution. Gun control will never be tightened. Restricting citizen’s right to own guns is counterproductive and will not have positive results. By being born in the United States of America or gaining United States citizenship you have the inherent right to bare arms as stated in the Second Amendment on the United States Constitution. So restricting gun rights would be unconstitutional and not what the Founding Fathers of this great nation intended. Gun control is constantly a hot debate topic across America mainly because of recent mass shootings and other violent gun crimes. Anti-gun advocates believe the only way to stop the unwarranted shootings that kill innocent people, is to tighten gun control; however, this is not the solution. By making gun control laws stricter, people will not be safe, contrary to popular belief. Maybe in a perfect world, tightening gun laws would be an ideal solution to gun violence, but it is simply not tangible in today’s society because guns are deterrents to…

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