The Issue Of Gun Control Essay

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In the United States there have been some heated debates about whether or not to have Gun Control. Some say gun control is needed in America. Because making gun laws is like wearing a helmet on a bike, and protects most people that follow the laws. Gun laws are not illegal either because the second amendment only lets people bear arms if they are in a militia. And there no longer are militias, since they have been superseded. When the second amendment was made, the flintlock pistol was the only gun, and it was very weak. Gun control is wanted because “Gun violence is a daily occurrence throughout the United States.”(Bowman) “The second is that gun-control laws restrict the access of criminals to guns and thereby help to bring crime rates down.”(Lunger) These laws are being passed because Congress is trying to stop shootings from happening again. The second amendment is not what it used to be since the United States has gotten more advanced. “Thus, the original intent of the Second Amendment has been heavily regulated by local, state and federal legislation.”(Bowman) Or that gun control is bad for American. Gun control laws should be abolished. Because stricter gun control laws have done nothing to stop gun violence. Hunting is one of the safest outside sports. Guns were used for hunting and survival, and allowed people to settle in the western United States. Gun control should be destroyed. Rather than gun laws congress should ask why Americans use firearms…

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