The Issue Of Gun Control Essay

2008 Words Nov 30th, 2014 9 Pages
Since the beginning of time Humans have employed the use of weapons, these have been used as a tool to provide food, security and sometimes to cause harm or as a final resolution to conflict. The loss of life that sometimes involves the use of guns has prompted the authorities to enact certain regulations that are generally known as Gun Control Policies. The key issue in the Gun Debate of today is whether or not guns should be of the exclusive use of the Military and Law enforcement personnel. Gun control advocates believe that today there is no need for a regular citizen to own or carry a firearm because there are Law enforcement agencies as the police to protect us from crime. This is a naïve way of thinking in order to justify an invalid argument that cannot be farther from the reality that the victims experience when confronted by criminals. In America there are less than 1 million police officers, this number is irrelevant when the population is more than 300 million. When you add the fact that, in less than 3% of reported incidents police arrived in time to stop the crime or to arrest the offenders. ( Kates & Beard, 2013, p.1691-1692). That being said can the American public solely rely on the protection offered by our Government? Gun rights activist believe that is foolish to not be armed and ready to defend yourself and your family.
Everyday serious crimes occur sometimes involving the loss of life. More often than not these crimes are perpetrated by convicted…

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