Essay on The Issue Of Gun Control

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One of the most prominent views, on the issue of gun control is the idea that there should be fewer guns in America. With fewer guns, the amount of crime and murder involving guns will decrease. As well as accidental injuries caused by misuse of guns will also decrease. But “classic” criminals aren’t the only ones that harm people with the use of guns. According to a blog, written by Susan Milligan, titled “We Need Gun Control to Stop More Than Criminals”, “Gun laws may not stop criminals, but they will save lives”. In this blog, she cites instances of when gun control could have saved the life of innocent civilians, but sadly this did not happen. For example, a 12-year old boy in New Mexico, took a shotgun out of a musical instrument case. Proceed to take it to school. Then successfully shot and killed, two of his fellow classmates. The relative easy access, of a child to obtain a gun, poses the question; Should there be mandatory stopgaps, requiring gun owners to keep their guns in a locked structure? Another instance, of a time, when a life could have been spared according to Susan. Is when a retired police officer, with a spotless record in Florida, shot and killed a fellow moviegoer, after he had refused to stop texting. Had there concealed carry handguns not been allowed in this movie theatre. Then Chad Oulson, the victim, would have been able to go home to his wife and child.
The middle ground on the topic of gun control, is bullet control. After acknowledging that…

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