Essay on The Issue Of Gun Control

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America has a problem we gun control that we do know the correct course of action. With laws, NRA, and groups standing on both sides of gun control, we will never see the truth. Is a good guy with a gun the best way to stop a bad guy with a gun, or can we stop them with words? Would having teachers armed with a gun stop a student, or anyone from coming on school campus and open fire? Should Americans change the law on gun control? So many questions on gun control, but no one right answer.

We live in a country with rights, and freedoms that many have taken advantage of. The second amendment was written for the people to be able to protect themselves and there properties, as well as to stop a corrupt government. When people takes advantage of this right, and claim to have the right to arm themselves, but then they shoot up a school, rob a bank, or break any other law using a gun they ruin it for everyone.

A good guy with a gun doesn 't always mean they can stop a bad guy with a gun. I was trained by the military on how to us my firearms, how to kill someone, and how to detain someone. Would that mean I 'm able to stop the bad guy with a gun. No. Ever situation is different. Even police, that are trained to do there job every day doesn 't always they can stop it. If someone is going to break the law and put the other people in danger and the only way to stop them is to shoot them, then so be it.

I have seen many teachers that have made bad decisions and have…

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